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Using 3D CAD Models to Present the Product

Many companies have invested in general technologies such as computer aided design (CAD) systems and need to adapt these general technologies to the betterment of the company by fully utilizing the digital data produced and providing it in other ways such as promoting their product (see Multimedia Promotes Product). It pays to embrace technology. Even small companies can and should integrate technology into their workplace. Technologies can be cumbersome to learn, but given a further chance many of these technologies eventually will work to the aid of the company. For example, they can help with office efficiency by automating a billing system simply by using a common computer office tool such as Microsoft Excel. Technologies can also improve the effectiveness of employees and in the manner of service to company clients. For example it could be beneficial for a company to utilize the digital 3D design models completed in a CAD program to show off a design to a perspective customer, or better yet, use the digital design in a virtual world mockup of a simulated real world environment. This process allows the customer to visualize the product from many different angles and perspectives.

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3D Model - Peugeot HX1

Description - 'Peugeot HX1' high detailed rigged 3D model, vray and standard materials. Produced by Fabelar (who specializes in 3D graphics and works mainly with 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop software)


As shown above, repurpose work of CAD designs and 3D Models to form a very realistic format (often in better presentation quality than off the shelf programs) is very desirable and often a necessity for impressing high-end customers. This goes hand in hand with online documentation as well. See Multimedia Promotes Product and Design Documentation.

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