My own personal review of some of the schools I have been part of, whether in teaching or in learning.

I have ranked these from Highest to Lowest - For the Quality of Learning Provided 

Weber State University is a traditional Utah school and migrated out of a LDS church based academy (early 1900s) to a state based college offering four year bachelor's degrees (in the 1950's). In 1991 Weber State College was renamed to Weber State University. Weber State is accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities and the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education. In 1991 I first became associated with Weber State as they have a very strong continuing ed department offering many different degrees to off campus students such as myself. Except some programs such as those offered thru Weber's College of Applied Science and Technology (COAST), Weber has successfully branched out into distance learning, independant study, evening courses and off-campus remote learning sites. Good for diversity, and for providing training for a trade. However, may not be as beneficial for those interested in research and/or life-long learning and graduate (PhD) education opportunities.


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