My own personal review of some of the schools I have been part of, whether in teaching or in learning.

I have ranked these from Highest to Lowest - For the Quality of Learning Provided 


CTU 50th Anniversary Seal

Setting the standard for modern education - Colorado Technical University (CTU) online learning program was recognized by U.S. News & World Report for its Bachelorís and Masterís degrees - CTU offers industry-relevant online learning while also offering an unparalleled online learning experience (in particular for those who are seeking post graduate education). The programs and courses seem relevant and meaningful for the adult learner and provide learning opportunities for students wishing to learn at their own pace, any place, any time, just like an online program should. The curriculum at CTU meets the rigors and expectations of high standards such as ABET, ACBSP, HLC, and CHEA accreditations, while remaining achievable thru well thought out and expertly developed learning modules. Modules are project-based and offer applied learning mentored by experienced educational leaders. In addition to the quality of their instructional leaders, CTU offers great Academic Advisors that are personable and that enables learners to tailor their academic learning plan in order to suit individual needs. On the down side, CTU recently modified the online learning platform and student portal in attempt to make the learning experience more universal and user friendly. However it is felt by this evaluator that it was beginning to make it more like a cookie cutter recipe made of cut and pasted content. Additionally it is felt that for the purpose of furthering the research and studies applied by students it is necessary for online learning to remain flexible and tailorable.




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