Presentation to be in front of class:

 1.) In the form of notes, handouts, assignments, screen shots of applications or processes (or any other additional methods), throughout the semester you should collect and assemble this information that was presented as part of DGET4400. This can be both in class activities as well as outside of class, and whether it be by direct assignment or by other means (such as methods learned while completing other assignments).

2.) This collection should then be assembled in a meaningful way and can be done in a a suitable format of your choice such as Power Point or Presentations, or by interactive web pages, by video, or by some totally self contained executable application.

3.) At the end of the semester, students will present these projects as a collective-in-class presentation, where the format for the presentation will be open for discussion and questions as well as critiques. Students should plan for an approximate 15 minute presentation, but not less than a 10 minute presentation.

4.) You are encouraged to be creative in the methods of presentations which you chose, but the presentation should be in logical sense, interesting and captivating to the viewer/audience, and also have the flexibility to be self-contained or even in an auto-run enhanced version

For information on auto-run enhanced CDs click here About Auto Start/Run.

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