Jan 8th - Due Jan 20th




1.) Resurrect or browse to a copy of the rendering for the house modeled in 3DS Max for the Tech I class. If you do not have this, a render of the house of your choice from another 3D modeling program (that you modeled) will suffice. Using the built-in screen capture abilities for Windows collect the graphic in an active window, or cut and paste it into your new document. Scale it appropriately, annotate it, and include it as Figure 1 in your assignment 2 document.

2 .) Browse to cognitiveapprentice.com/dget4400/welcome.htm. Using built-in screen capture abilities for windows, collect the graphic shown in an active window, scale it appropriately and include it as Figure 2 in your assignment 2 document..  

  • To copy the entire screen as it appears on your monitor, press PRINT SCREEN.
  • To make a copy of only the active window, press ALT + PRINT SCREEN.

 With the print screen key, the image is then saved to the system clip-board (or for window 2000 or later it is known as the clip-book), which can than be brought into a image editor to be saved off as a new graphic, or pasted/inserted into an existing document. 

That works fine for basic needs, but it is often advisable to capture more than what is on the screen, or to capture a sequence of screen images, or even simply to select just a portion of a screen, and to help organize what you have captured should you screen capture more than one screen shot at a time. In these cases, a screen capture program may be required. 

2.) Your task now is to research and find a good screen capture program for your own personal use throughout this course. Many can be found at "shareware" or "freeware" sites on the internet, such as: www.tucows.com or www.freewarehome.com, or you can elect to beg, buy, or borrow a commercial-of-the-shelf (cots) version of one.

3.) Make notes of the special features about the screen capture program of your choice, and why you chose the program you chose. Then include in your assignment 2 document a sole source letter of justification and approval (J and A)  for the software you chose, as if you will be submitting it to a company purchasing department.

4.) Be prepared to present your results to the rest of the class along with assignment 3 (to be given out on Tuesday Jan 13th - each of which will be due Jan 20th).      

As a Guide to completing Assignments 2 and 3, you may wish to consider this assignment as though it were part of a Corporate Engineering Design Team Presentation where the following applies:

Corporate Engineering Design Team Presentation background


You work for a small mechanical engineering company that has just created a new design department, in which you have been put as one of the lead designers. As part of the new design department your duties are to determine the tools necessary for the department to be able to do product design presentations for trade fairs, news bulletins, product information flyers, etc. You have all the necessary CAD tools to do the product design, but now (via internet research) you have to determine which tools of the trade (screen capture software) you will be needing in order to build sufficient presentations for company designed products.

 General Process

Remember some of your constraints would be to keep within budget and to determine department needs in a timely manner so that you can get to the real work as an engineer-graphics-designer. Also note that this is a small company (for individual software license purposes, assume that there are 5 others in your group), along with only $3K allotted in budget for this. The CEO of the company has asked to be briefed on your progress by the end of next week, and a Justification and Approval form (J&A) will be required for the purchasing department to purchase anything over $25.

Further Background Information

Learning Outcomes

 Upon completion of this exercise, you should be able to:

  • Use critical thinking skills to assess and evaluate products.
  • Effectively present and show justification for any choices made.
  • Understand key features and capabilities of screen capture software.
  • Complete justification for approval for a purchase request.

Assessment and Evaluation

The J&A along with the presentation (or CEO briefing) will be used to provide feedback to the solution. The main source of support for this will be the necessity for you to research the tools via the internet.  You will need to evaluate products based on your own judgments, outside advice and or internet product rating scales. You will be evaluated by the thoroughness and professional manner as well as creativeness in which you present your choices back to the class.

Looking ahead:

Along with the first project to be assigned next week, you also have a semester project that has been  assigned and will be included as your final project. For that overall semester project you should begin collecting you own class notes, include some screen captures, and any other documentation you deem of value towards accomplishing these projects. Start to organize and arrange the who/what/where/when and why's of what you wish to present at final.


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