Think about it and respond:

1.) In a paragraph or two, and in your own words, define the buzz word or term "multimedia". Be fairly descript, and you may need to cite some examples to back your words.  

As the syllabus of this course states, the course content is: The study of professional design presentation and the processes, tools, and media used. Problem definition, visual organization, incorporating visual identity, integrating word and image, information design and design for interactive media.

2.) In keeping with the statement above, if friends were to ask you what this course was about, and what is covered, what would you explain to them? In a paragraph or two, and in your own words, define "professional design presentation".

3.) List 5 examples of "professional design presentations" that you might run into with a career in the design graphics field. Briefly describe each of them and site an example of their use.  

Note: This course is a fairly comprehensive course covering a multitude of topics. In other words, we will be covering a little about a lot. Don't be disappointed that it is not just a continuation of 3DSMax. However, it is this instructors wish to give the student some keys to help in understanding the importance of Documentation, to provide some of the skills for Illustration, and to expose you to the power of Presentations.

It may seem more like a puzzle of information at first, but bare with me and I think it will fall together nicely if you give it the chance.

Looking ahead:

My goal is to keep this course challenging to you ( the students) with each new day of class and to strike you with a new and rewarding challenge in obtaining a goal of your own. Ultimately I want the student to have a finished product in hand that will be of benefit to them after completing this course. In short, this will be a multi-tasking class. You should be considering and working on projects that will be assigned out to you, while you are fulfilling the individual assignments along the way. Begin making a collection of thoughts, notes, ideas, and assembling a DGET4400 course journal. Also, for the first project (to be assigned next week), you could get a head start by beginning to make a collection of designs from some of your previous courses.

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