ePortfolio for Karl B.
                Ostler at Colorado Technical University

Karl B. Ostler:  Scholarly ePortfolio

This web site is for the purpose of presenting and sharing information and assignments as I progress through the doctorate of computer science program at Colorado Technical University. It is intended to be both a sharing and a collecting point of scholarly material. My intentions are to post regularly to this site as I advance through the program and I hope to see this site mature to reflect the quality learning experiences I have had while attending Colorado Technical University.

In this web site you will find samples of assignments, research papers, slide presentations of projects, snipets of articles, links to knowledge, and various other forms of information.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you too will be inspired to learn, to research, and to explore more....  

I wish you well on the journey of your dreams.   Cheers! 

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