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My Coursework at Colorado Technical University : Listings and Links

My graduate studies at CTU have been in the field of Doctoral of Computer Science with emphasis in Emerging Media(DCS-EM).
Here you can link to courses I have taken in my journey/experience with CTU:

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Research and Writing 1
Dr. Danette Lance
Spring Term 2011
Usability and Interaction
Dr. Maurice Dawson
Spring Term 2011
Research and Writing II
Dr. Mary Lind
Summer Term 2011
Strategic Use of Virtual Worlds
Dr. Andrew Stricker
Summer Term 2011
Research and Writing III
Dr. Carol Howard
Fall Term 2011
Virtual Economy & Business
Dr. Shu Schiller
Fall Term 2011
Research and Writing VII
Dr. Lynda Rogerson
Winter Term 2012
Information Accountability and Web Privacy
Dr. Paul Schultz
Winter Term 2012
CS 826
Research and Writing IV - VI
Dr. Bruce Harmon
Spring Term 2012
Project Management and Process Engineering
Dr. Donald Kraft
Spring Term 2012
Research and Writing VIII
Dr. Kathleen Hargiss
Summer Term 2012
Socio-Technical Futuring
Dr. Cynthia Calongne
Summer Term 2012
Research and Writing IX
Dr. Mary Lind
Fall Term 2012
Qualitative Analysis
Dr. Lynda Rogerson
Fall Term 2012
Research and Writing X
Dr. Ernie Eugster
Winter Term 2013
Virtual World Simulation
Dr. Andrew Stricker
Winter Term 2013
TTOC Quantitative Analysis & Business Strategies for Social Media Dr. Bruce Harmon Spring Term 2013
EM845 Web Science and Technology Dr. Cynthia Calongne Spring Term 2013
CS856 Research and Writing XII Dissertation Mentor Summer Term 2013
DPDEF Dissertation Proposal Defense Diss Committee Summer Term 2013
CS851 Research and Writing XI Committee Chair Fall Term 2013
EIS805 Enterprise Management Concepts and Databases Dr. Anil K. Maheshwari Fall Term 2013
SYMP Doctoral Symposiums Faculty and Staff Fall Term 2013
DISDEF Dissertation Final Oral Defense Diss Committee Fall Term 2013


All work completed 12/21/13

Thanks for following my progress... Dr. Karl B. Ostler !!!