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                Ostler at Colorado Technical University


I consider myself a lifelong learner and will always be looking forward to learning something new. I have a heavy interest in the areas of online learning, curriculum design, cognitive learning theory, and technology design. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to share some thoughts and evaluations of higher learning institutions of which I have been part of.


My own personal review of five schools I have been part of, whether in teaching or in learning.

I have ranked these IMHO from Highest to Lowest - For the Quality of Learning Provided: 
(Note: I plan to add review for CTU at a later date).

Notre Dame

Notre Dame:

A great online program. One that other online learning institutions should take note of and model other programs after.

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Jones International:

An excellent total online learning experience for higher education and post graduate work This school has recently expanded it's programs to include Doctoral studies.

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A premiere online learning program for those seeking a PhD. Not many others out there that are available of this caliber.

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Weber State:

One of Utah's top universities. Weber State is known for contributing to Utah's aeronautical and applied science fields. A traditional brick and mortar school that is attempting to expand into online learning as well.

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Eagle Gate

Eagle Gate:

A career-focused learning institution providing more of a "train" rather than "teach" type of learning with accelerated programs that provide skills that can be applied towards jobs in the marketplace.

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