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KarlHello my associates at CTU, my name is Karl Ostler and I live in Roy Utah. Somewhere out there I do have a Facebook page, but very inactive and only visit it maybe once in a blue moon.

My professional background includes nearly 30 years with a large aerospace company where I have had the opportunity to work on various project that have extended from one end of the engineering design and technology spectrum to the other. In conjunction with this I have also had the great reward and opportunity to teach as an adjunct instructor at Weber State University as well as Eagle Gate College.

In my personal life, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I enjoy spending time with my wife and family. I have a 27 year old daughter and a 21 year old son who now have families of their own and have both during this past two years given me new grand children to hold and enjoy. I must also note that I have been a primary care giver for my aging mother who is 97 and in which I have been blessed to have living with me as I hope to care for her to the end of her days.

In thinking about emerging media opportunities to launch in the future, as I read various writings and view different web sites, I find it interesting the concept and ideas of storytelling and would like to explore more into the area of mixing and matching storytelling with a "multi-platform", "cross-media", and the new idea of "transmedia" all while providing a "free" service. An area I can clearly see for this would be for developing a service to help with recording the life's of elderly persons. Maybe this could be capitalized upon by senior caregiver service providers. Admittedly some of this stems from being a caregiver myself and I see a desire to capture the life and background of many who's lives may otherwise go with minimal notice or without an organized record. I think it would also be desirable to do this in a non-linear manner, and perhaps in an online format like video, audio podcast, blog, and of course a good old standby PowerPoint/Flash presentation. A second opportunity that I would like to exploit in emerging media is to get on board with virtual environments and to develop a platform for 3D engineering data modeling. One that is usable for non-engineering personnel as well as extendable to a usable curriculum content and that is attractive for engineering educational courses. 

Enough about me for now. Thanks for taking time to visit my site. I hope you find your explorations and adventures exiting and new.    Cheers.